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Milk Testing and Dairy Lab

Leuther Laboratory LLC

Leuther Laboratory is a full service Dairy laboratory and Milk testing laboratory conveniently located in the coulee region of southwestern WI.  We are just a short drive from La Crosse, WI and Winona Minnesota near the picturesque villages of Cashton, Coon Valley, Chaseburg, St. Joseph Ridge, West Salem, Bangor, Viroqua and Westby.  We provide milk and dairy testing for all levels of clients from the dairy herd operator to the manufacturer.  We are especially friendly to small businesses, start-up businesses and unique needs analysis.

N 1006 County Road M
Coon Valley, WI 54623
(608) 788-8180  Telephone
(608) 788-1412   Fax

Leuther Laboratory microbiologists provide full service dairy lab milk testing including: 

  • fat, protein,

  • lactose, urea nitrogen

  • Total solids sediment,

  • Somatic cells,

  • SPC,

  • Added water,

  • PI, LPC, HPC,

  • Microscopic exams,

  • coliforms,

  • staphylococci,

  • pathogens,

  • antibiotics,

  • antibiotic resistance,

Leuther Laboratory provides data handling and problem-solving services for dairy herd management and plant processes.

Leuther Laboratory provides milk testing for:

  • Cow Milk
  • Goat milk
  • Sheep Milk
  • other Milk. 


Leuther Laboratory

  • Milk testing certified in Wisconsin state, and all other states by reciprocity  
  • Interstate Milk Shippers certified Milk Testing