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Testing Services

Leuther Laboratories trained professionals test for, but are not limited to:  pH, moisture, fat, urea, protein, lactose, molds, yeast, Plate Count (SPC), direct microscopic counts, coliforms,  e. coli, listeria species, salmonella species, staphylococcus species,  streptococcus species and other, sero testing and species determination upon request.

"From basic printouts to professional style results, Leuther Laboratories will supply accurate results to you quickly." 

Leuther Laboratories services include Milk testing, water testing, Environmental, Microbiological analysis, Photomicroscopy and specialized staining, including Pyronin green.

Leuther Labortories  is a certified full service milk testing lab for processors as well as dairy farms.  We can help you manage your food processing plant or dairy herd through microbiological and bacteriological analysis of milk and milk products.  Leuther Laboratories is certified to test milk from cows, goats, sheep and other milks.

Leuther Laboratory is a certified water testing lab.  Certified by the State of Wisconsin and other states with reciprocity.

Leuther Laboratories skilled microbiologists conduct Plant sanitation testing including air counts, swab samples, and equipment testing tailored to your specific needs.

Leuther Laboratories has skilled professionals on staff to write HACCP, GMP manuals and master sanitation programs.  Leuther Laboratories does quality assurance audits as well.


Professional results can be e-mailed, faxed, mailed, telephoned, or downloaded to your computer.

Lisa Servais,  Director of Services, Leuther Laboratories

Leuther Laboratories provides a wide range of services for chemical and microbiological analysis as well as quality assurance programs.  (National Registry Microbiologist, pathogenic bacteria and mycology)

At Leuther Laboratories, we're committed to providing you with unmatched technical expertise in microbiology. Contact Leuther Laboratories to get more information or receive a call about these programs.

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